Whether you have been a victim of a round of layoffs or a private pilot trying to find creative ways to keep flying on a budget, we all are experiencing some unprecedented times right now.
Here are some simple ways to stay in the aviation industry and keep flying during this time of economic uncertainty.

Put that extra rating to good use!

Whether you hold a CFI rating, IA, or A&P certificate, you might find that now is the time to get to work.
As challenging as it is to be a CFI, now might be the time to start picking up a few lessons at your local flight school.
With the airlines pushing for more pilots in the next 3-5 years, you can make a few extra bucks and build hours teaching during this time.
Know someone wanting to do an upgrade or an installation?
Now might be the time to take on a few side projects if you are qualified to do so.

As you are well aware, an individual with a PPL may NOT transport personnel or cargo, “for hire”.  However, splitting the cost of fuel is permitted between the PIC and passengers, so now might be a great time to pull the trigger on that fishing trip.

Do you have a Commercial Rating? Get creative!

Have you checked into property surveys or aerial photography?
Think of individuals or cargo that you could possibly transport or ways to fill logistical needs in your area.

Right now there also seems to be a huge shortage of IA’s and A&P’s.
Even if you don’t hold one of those certifications right now, investing in this would be a great option during this time of uncertainty as there is always a demand for these services.


Encouraging those who can afford to keep flying…It helps the FBOs, mechanics, and the entire industry.
Now is a great time to get your aircraft in for annuals, maintenance, and repairs.