Cessna Air Conditioning

Cessna Air Conditioning

Congratulations, you just purchased or have owned for some time, one of the most successful designs in aviation history.
The problem is in the heat of the summer it’s sweltering waiting as you find yourself #3 for departure and it’s 102 degrees on the tarmac.
For most pilots, air conditioning is a creature comfort, with the vast majority of the GA fleet not having this as an option, Kelly Aerospace decided to change that.

Now STC’d for Cessna 172, 182T, T182T, 182S, and 206. Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems provide‚Äč an all-electric solution to the summer heat that we all hate.

This system has zero effect on engine performance and keeps you cool and refreshed as you fly about for enjoyment or travel for work.
Our system was designed to be fully electric and not affect the performance of your aircraft whatsoever.

To receive a free quote or schedule and time to see one of our systems in person, call Walter Dodge at 334-224-0313.

Walter is our personal Renaissance man and is the VP of Operations for our Thermal Division.