Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers to Frequently Asked Questions can save you a lot of time and effort with selecting, installing and troubleshooting Kelly Aero’s products.  If you do not find the answer, you are looking for, then e-mail us or give us a call from the details found on the Contact page. Kelly is continually working on new product support information, so be sure to check back at this website for updates and the latest news on Kelly Aero Products.

Where can I buy Kelly Aero magneto parts, ignition harnesses and overhauled magnetos?

Kelly sells new magneto replacement parts and ignition harnesses through our distribution network.  Go to the “Where to Buy” page on this website or Find A Distributor.

Why should I buy a Kelly Aero overhauled Bendix or Slick magneto?

Kelly Aero is much more than a fix-it shop for magnetos.  We are the world’s largest OEM for aftermarket parts used in Bendix and Slick magnetos. Kelly also has the largest and most comprehensive supply of core magnetos which are used to provide the best overhauled parts for our magnetos. The FAA holds Kelly to the highest OEM standards, not just the lesser Repair Station standards, and the benefit to the customer is that we provide OEM quality overhauled magnetos. Not only is the quality a benefit, but the Kelly price for an overhaul is unbeatable.

My magneto needs a 500 hour inspection. Where do I send it to get this work done?

Kelly Aero supports hundreds of dedicated accessory repair shops, engine overhaul shops, and aircraft maintenance shops, and any of these shops have the capability to perform the 500 hour inspection.  As an option, you can send your magneto directly to Kelly Aero for a rapid turnaround on the 500 hour inspection. Fill out the return form to send.

What is the 500 hour inspection and why should I do it?

Continental Motors Service Bulleting SB643C  and Slick SB2-80C specify that magnetos be inspected and repaired as required to maintain continuing airworthiness.  These Service Bulletins include specific inspections for distributor block, contact point, bearings, impulse coupling wear, coil and condenser electrical properties.  The 500 hour inspection is a good maintenance practice to find internal magneto parts which are worn before they fail.  The 500 hour inspection is money well spent to maintain the safety of magnetos installed on your engine.

What makes the Kelly 500 hour inspection different from inspections offered by other companies?

The 500 hour inspection for both Bendix and Slick magnetos has the same requirements for all shops.  But, Kelly Aero is the largest private magneto overhaul by volume of magnetos worked on AND the OEM that builds the parts that other shops install into Bendix and Slick magnetos.  Because of our expertise and parts availability, Kelly can offer a rapid turnaround and the value of a factory warranty.

Which manuals should I use to install Kelly Aero magneto parts and overhauled magnetos?

Kelly Aero magneto parts and ignition harnesses install exactly like the Bendix and Slick parts that they replace.  All Kelly Aero parts should be installed using the OEM approved manuals for the magneto model you are working on.  Consult Continental Motors for the latest revision of manuals X42002 for Bendix S-20/S-200 magnetos  and X42001 for Bendix S-1200 magnetos.  Consult Champion Aerospace the latest revision of manual L-1363 for Slick 4300/6300 series magnetos.

I have installed a Kelly Aero product and I have a technical question. What do I do?

The Kelly Aero Product Support Page is an excellent resource for maintenance and troubleshooting, even for the most experienced mechanic.  If you cannot find your answer, and wish to talk to a person, call as at (334) 286-8551 and we will work with you to answer your questions.

I’d like to make a suggestion for parts improvement or a new part idea. How can I contact you?

We welcome your suggestions, so please contact us.

Slick Magneto FAQ

Can Kelly aftermarket parts be mixed with Champion Slick parts?

Yes!  All of the Kelly Aero Slick Aftermarket parts have been FAA approved to be equivalent or improved than Champion Slick parts.  Kelly’s Aftermarket Slick parts have been in product for 30 years and tens of thousands of our parts have been put into service.

Does Kelly make ignition harnesses to fit Slick magnetos? What are the features of the Kelly ignition harness?

Kelly Aero is the highest volume private OEM of aircraft ignition harnesses and we make an equivalent part for every single Champion harness for both Slick and Bendix magnetos. For more information view our aircraft ignition harness and magneto application chart for your engine model.

What models of Slick magnetos does Kelly Aero support?

Kelly Aero supports all Slick 4300/6300 magnetos. We do not provide parts for the 4000, 400/600, or 4200/6200 series magnetos.