Believe it or not, the majority of the flight schools and colleges offering aviation-related degrees are in the Southern United States.
If there is a weather-related term that is synonymous with the south it is HEAT.

This particular install is a brand new Piper PA44, when completed it will head to CAE in Phoenix, Arizona.
The PA-44 is one of the most prolific and widely used twin-engine trainers on the market today.

The Piper Seminole has amazing dependability and value.
Generation of pilots have trained on this platform and along with other Piper models.
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  • Ground pre-cooling with GPU
  • 20° plus temp drop in 5 minutes
  • No take-off, landing, or in-flight restrictions
  • No impact on cruising speeds
  • Easy-read digital temp/fan control – set it and forget it
  • Full use of the baggage area
  • Very efficient cooling – only 45 amps
  • Lightweight – Under 50lbs.
  • Reliable and efficient hermetically-sealed, brushless DC compressor – R134A
  • One week or less installation time

At KATS, we are quickly realizing that aside from our core customers installing our systems in their own aircraft, the flight schools are requiring our kits and seeing great results.

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