View our video to see what Auburn University Aviation thinks about Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems’s (KATS) all electric air conditioning system, ThermaCool. Auburn’s flight students stay cool in Alabama with pre-cooling their Cessna airplanes.


GROUND COOLING at the touch of a button

20º TEMP DROP in five minutes


OEM Installation

FAA/STC Certified

Your General Aviation Ignition Source.

Delivering a New Level of Excellence.

Kelly Aero has been a partner and member of the General Aviation community for over 35 years retaining good relationships with distributors, the maintenance organizations and most importantly, the pilots. As long time pilots and aircraft owners, the Kelly family recognizes the need for quality in all parts they bring to market; as it is not just a way of doing business, but it is a responsibility.

Our strength is in understanding each aircraft and the demands on the systems to which we support. We leverage our years of general aviation experience and strong industry partnerships to ensure that all Kelly Aero products are designed, built, tested, and distributed to meet the highest customer standards. Moving forward, we strive to introduce more leading-edge products at best-value pricing for you, the aircraft owner.

Piper Air Conditioning

Piper Air Conditioning

Believe it or not, the majority of the flight schools and colleges offering aviation-related degrees are in the Southern United States.If there is a weather-related term that is synonymous with the south it is HEAT. This particular install is a brand new Piper PA44,...

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Cessna Air Conditioning

Cessna Air Conditioning

Congratulations, you just purchased or have owned for some time, one of the most successful designs in aviation history.The problem is in the heat of the summer it's sweltering waiting as you find yourself #3 for departure and it's 102 degrees on the tarmac.For most...

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