New Direct Replacement Aircraft Magneto – NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS

Quality and Value are back together again.

Utilizing over 35 years of manufacturing FAA/PMA replacement magneto parts, Kelly Aero is proud to introduce an ALL NEW direct magneto replacement for general aviation. Performance improvements including coil, capacitor, breaker points and impulse coupling make the Kelly Mag the superior quality option for General Aviation. 


Aircraft Magneto Overhauls for Slick, Bendix, & Continental (CMI fmr. TCM) Magnetos

Surpassing Your Highest Expectations for Aircraft Mag Inspections & Overhaul Service.

Kelly Aero overhauled magnetos use the best of serviceable parts and new parts which results in a magneto of OEM quality at an overhauled price. Kelly Aero has the industries greatest supply of high quality Bendix dual magneto cores.  Our inspection criteria is demanding and we only use the best of serviceable parts.  If a part does not pass the inspection criteria, then Kelly replaces the unservicable part with a new replacement part.  When delivered to our customers to be installed on your airplane’s engine, the Kelly overhauled mag looks like new and will operate like new.



Slick 4300 & 6300 Series Aircraft Magneto

Slick magneto series with both non-impulse and impulse coupled units, with both 4 and 6 cylinder. Complete line of PMA replacement parts, overhual, and 500 hour inspection capabilities.

Bendix, Continental (CMI) 20 & 200 Series Aircraft Magneto

Bendix, CMI (fmr. TCM) 20 series magnetos are impulse coupled only, 200 series magnetos incorporates “Shower of Sparks” both 4 and 6 cylinder. Complete line of PMA replacement parts, overhaul, and 500 hour inspection capabilities.

Bendix, CMI 1200 Series Aircraft Magneto

Bendix, CMI (fmr. TCM) 1200 series mags can either be impulse coupled or “Shower of Sparks”, both 4 and 6 cylinder. Complete line of PMA replacement engine parts, overhaul, and 500 hour inspection capabilities.


Bendix D2000/D3000 Series Mag

Kelly Aero is the only OEM to provide new manufactured and service parts for D2000/D3000 magnetos installed on thousands of Lycoming engines.  Our overhauled magnetos are high quality, using a combination of new parts and

FAA/PMA approved housing for the D2000/D3000 magneto. Kelly takes pride in that we support 25,000 owners of engines with the Dual magneto and we provide a magneto with numerous key improvements over the original D2000/D3000 magnetos.

  • All aluminum frame to replace troublesome magnesium frames. The aluminum frame is stronger, longer lasting and far less likely to crack or corrode like the original magnesium frames.
  • All new distributor block and gears. Thousands of these parts have been installed with tens of thousands of flight hours accrued over the past 20 years.
  • All new coils, condensers and contact points.

500 Hr Inspection Available

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